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Some of the skills we think are recent additions to gymnasts’ repertoires actually had their debut quite a while ago. Andrew Thorton at has started a series of posts called “Smooth Skills,” in which he identifies innovative skills in decades’ worth of gymnastics routines, and also points out the originators of skills we still see today.

Most impressive so far has been this video (see below) of a double full-in (both twists on the first flip!) by Tatiana Groshkova, a Soviet gymnast from the 1990s (who actually never even went on to perform on an Olympic or World team!). Groshkova eventually moved to Holland, but after failing to secure papers, appears to have moved back to Russia.

Definitely check out this series. Ever seen a triple punch front?

Some of the routines from the Tour, which features Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone and Shannon Miller, have been appearing on YouTube.

I’m definitely going to the Tour once it reaches my neck of the woods. It’s not my favorite gymnastics event, but it’s still fun to watch once every four years. I’ll be more excited to see what Johnson and Liukin do after it’s over!

If it’s not yet clear, Shawn Johnson was my favorite gymnast from this quadrennium, so here’s her floor routine. Most of the passes are pretty simple (two front layouts, e.g.) but there’s also a double pike (which she is clearly capable of doing in her sleep) in there at the beginning. Cute:

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