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Al Fong’s stock drops again

Posted on: October 28, 2008

We’ve finally heard something from Ivana Hong, one of the alternates for the 2008 Olympic team. She’s been the subject of rumor since she left GAGE, where Al Fong has trained a number of Olympians, including Courtney McCool and Terin Humphrey.

The Hongs spoke with NBC Action News in this article.

It was pretty clear that something or other was wrong with Hong in the months leading up to Trials, both mentally and physically. Fong said:

“It became blatant she flat-out quit. It was almost as we were taken down a deep dark path.”

In fact, according to the Hongs, Fong discouraged Hong from seeking advice about a nagging ankle injury, which was in fact a fracture. Hong continued training anyway. But according to the famous Mrs. Hong, Fong stopped teaching Ivana.

This is quite something. Everyone thought Fong had kind of reformed since the whole two-girls-who-trained-with-him died fiasco.

On the other hand, Mrs. Hong is known for her somewhat heavy-handed relationship with her daughter’s coaches and her gymnastics training, and Ivana is said to be a difficult gymnast to train. So we’re left wondering if this was just a bad match in coaching, gymnastics and parenting styles.

As for GAGE, it’s been having financial troubles — Fong wrote about it on the GAGE Web site earlier this year. They are also looking for at least one coach for their team. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe they’ve redesigned their Web site since I was last there, and it no longer lists their team gymnasts.

The weirdest thing about this article, hoewver, is that there is no mention of where Hong is going next. Rumors have her going to Chow’s in Iowa, AOGC in California … remains to be seen.

Ivana Hong

Ivana Hong

5 Responses to "Al Fong’s stock drops again"

I feel sorry for Ivana. She’s a beautiful gymnast and has some great talent but I think she’d do better under a different coach.

I love Ivana the gymnast but she doesn’t want to take the blame for her failed attempt at the Olympics.

This is the balem game. She sounds bitter. It was nice to read though that her mother took her to the docter anyway.

Here comes the blame game, please she wasnt gonna make that team unless hell froze over. If something was wrong with her foot, her saintly mother(who’s know to be a crazy gym mom) should have taken her to the doctor from the start. They can blame Fong all the want she wasnt gonna make the olympic team.

If they wanted to go to a doc, nothing was stopping them. I swear. I’m sick of the drama.

The Olympians are mentioned here. And I think the remarks are actually a little tough but honest. Just like Fong was tough but honest when saying that Marta picked the right girls in 2008. The ones who proved themselves best ready for pressure.

Except for ASac. And Memmel getting hurt. And Pezzek. 😦

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