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UPDATED: What is Sandra Izbasa doing at the Toyota Cup?

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Sandra Izbasa has been literally all over the place these past few weeks. This weekend, she is at the Toyota Cup, formerly the Chunichi Cup.

She competed yesterday on vault, placing fourth, and finished today with a silver on balance beam and a gold on floor. Mayu Kuroda took first on beam.

Besides Izbasa, the only name that truly caught my eye on the participants’ list is Kuroda, an uneven bars specialist who placed fourth on bars at the 2005 and 2006 Worlds and was on this year’s Olympic team. She took second on bars to Keiko Mukumoto’s first (Mukumoto was also on the Japanese Olympic team).

On beam, Kuroda finished with a 15.300 to Izbasa’s 15.150. Interestingly, Kuroda’s score was significantly higher than her score in Beijing (a 14.725 in TF) while Izbasa’s was significantly lower (a 15.600 in TF). Izbasa fell on her 2 1/2 twist dismount. But, of course, Izbasa ruled on floor, beating her nearest competitor by 1.350 points.

German Susann Herbst, who competed earlier this year at the Glasgow Grand Prix, earned a silver on vault and a bronze on bars, placing fourth on beam and floor.

Honestly, it’s unclear to me why Izbasa was at this meet. She had a little competition, and I know she truly loves to compete, but she could have been at DTB (although the Romanians haven’t sent anyone there since 2005 for reasons that are unclear to me). She told IG a while ago that she was going to have a “hellish” schedule through the World Cup Final. Hopefully she survives until then, because she is my favorite gymnast on floor these days.


1. Keiko Mukumoto
2. Susann Herbst
3. Arisa Tominaga


1. Keiko Mukumoto
2. Mayu Kuroda
3. Susann Herbst


1. Mayu Kuroda
2. Sandra Izbasa
3. Momoko Ozawa


1. Sandra Izbasa
2. Sayuri Minobe
3. Momoko Ozawa

3 Responses to "UPDATED: What is Sandra Izbasa doing at the Toyota Cup?"

If the results were “only in pinyin” you’d be able to read them. Pinyin is Chinese written in Western alphabet. I assume you meant to say “characters.”

Ha, yes, I meant to say they were not available in pinyin. lol

Sandra’s fan site, if you are interested

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