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Karolyi calls his accusers “trash”

Posted on: November 21, 2008

I’m already a little bored by this whole Bela Karolyi scandal, particularly since it is not new. The only new part is anyone caring at all.

But in this new article by KCRA, the Sacramento news station, Karolyi says:

“I’m not even commenting. I don’t appreciate at that level even to have a word on this. These people are really trash, and I’m not messing with that.”

Naturally, the only appropriate reaction is disgust. Even if these were blatant lies, the way to react to charges of abuse is not to verbally abuse the claimants.

Emilia Eberle’s response:

“The fact that he says he does not deny it — that should say a lot. And calling people ‘trash,’ you know, it’s a very ugly way of making comments about people. As far as I remember in my interview, I never called him any bad words.”

2 Responses to "Karolyi calls his accusers “trash”"

While I don’t like how Marta handles the elite girls but there’s really nothing that can be done. I don’t agree with hurting girls at all but this many years has gone by. Bela should issue an apology and just let the whole thing die.

Something a little off, with the late accusations. They could have quit if they wanted to. Bela can be hard according go Kristie and Mary Lou and Nadia…but they also appreciate his coaching.

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