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UPDATED: He Kexin scores big at Milan Grand Prix

Posted on: November 23, 2008

While some less-experienced seniors and juniors were off at the Massilia Cup, a number of big players — notably He Kexin, Sandra Izbasa, Lia Parolari and Daniela Druncea — were in Milan for the gymnastics Grand Prix.

From what I’ve heard, He won bars with a massive score (a 17.000 over Lia Parolari’s 14.700), Izbasa won floor, and Parolari won beam. Supposedly the younger Italian gymnasts Serena Lichetta and Andrea La Spada were also present.

There are no official results anywhere, so I’d rather wait to post those, but for now here’s He’s bars. It’s full difficulty. I think it’s better than Beijing, but not as good as Doha. The first Jaeger in her Li Ya combination is molto dynamic , and she sticks the landing (it looks stuck but it’s not from the replay). Still a bit problematic on the low-to-high transition though:

Given the scores, it appears Izbasa may have had a fall on beam (she had a 6.4 start value). She competed floor with a 5.8 start value. Parolari’s start value on floor was, for whatever reason, a 4.9.

He and Izbasa got the only B-scores in the 9’s, on their winning routines.

There are more videos from naomival85 and monagym.

I was glad to hear Druncea is back in competition. For whatever reason, I enjoy her. From youtube, though, it seems that she still has that terrible FX routine. Here she is on bars:

Daniela (Dana) Druncea at the Milan Grand Prix

Daniela (Dana) Druncea at the Milan Grand Prix

All results available here.


1. He Kexin (17.000)
2. Lia Parolari (14.700)
3. Serena Licchetta (14.300)
4. Andrea La Spada (14.100)
5. Daniela Druncea (12.650)


1. Lia Parolari (14.850)
2. Sandra Izbasa (14.650)
3. Andrea La Spada (14.400)
4. Daniela Druncea (14.150)
5. Serena Licchetta (13.750)


1. Sandra Izbasa (14.850)
2. Daniela Druncea (14.000)
3. Serena Licchetta (13.750)
4. Lia Parolari (13.600)
5. Andrea La Spada (13.550)

6 Responses to "UPDATED: He Kexin scores big at Milan Grand Prix"

He doesn’t stick the landing… Look at the very end of the video.

Here are the scores I know:

UB girls:
1. He Kexin 17.000
2. Lia Parolari 14.700
3. S. Licchetia 14.300
4. A. La Spada 14.100
5. Dana Druncea 12.650

Man rings:
1. O. Vorobiov 16.600
2. M. Morandi 16.200
3. A. Coppolino 16.150
4. M. Angioletti 15.750
5. M. Devyatovskiy 15.150
6. R. Selariu 13.250

I also know that Sandra Izbasa won floor with 14.850 and was second on beam with 14.650 after Lia Parolari.
Igor Cassina won bars, Alexandre Vorobiov – rings and Benoit Caranobe- floor

Actually, I think this is one of her best performances, I’m thrilled. She hits almost all her handstand and no late pirohuetting. The Tkatchev is as sky high as always and her following pak is stunning. Only a muscled kip just after her traditional dead hang but Brilliant elsewhere. 17.00 seems fair to me.

By the way: The Li Ya combination is about Two straddled Jaegers, no Tkatchev here.

I see about .7 in deductions.

I thought her Tkatchev (her actual Tkatchev) was actually better than I remember it. The second Jaeger in the Li Ya was maybe not as high as it has been. The dead hang was same as usual, but at least she muscles her kip to handstand.

Actually one of the things that annoys me most about this routine is the mount. I feel like the angle she gets just isn’t quite right.

It’s a great routine, but I like Shawn on bars. Stunning bail to handstand. And double double layed out dismount. And regular other junk.

I enjoy Johnson on bars. I enjoy her on all four. But I think I like her on bars the least. However, I have to agree that her bail and her dismount are fantastic. And she never lacks dynamics.

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