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Top Gym results in: Jordyn Wieber wins, Kamerin Moore third

Posted on: November 30, 2008

The two star junior gymnasts from Geddert’s Twistars in Michigan took two spots on the podium in the all-around at this weekend’s junior international elite competition in Charleroi, Belgium.

Jordyn Wieber on floor at the 2008 Top Gym Charleroi competition

Jordyn Wieber on floor at the 2008 Top Gym Charleroi competition

Unsurprisingly, Jordyn Wieber, the current U.S. junior national champion, took first. She beat her nearest competitor by just shy of four points, finishing with an excellent 59.80! She was the only competitor to score in the 15’s on any apparatus, and she did so on all events but floor (where she competed pretty cleanly up until her double pike, which she landed very low). Wieber then went on to win in two EFs, bars and beam. The girl is pretty amazing. I don’t know much about Geddert’s, but they seem to be doing a good job with her. A while back, people were shrieking all around the Internets because she had an Amanar at the age of 12, but she’s not competing it (she performed a DTY at Top Gym), and they seem to be pacing things well. She currently trains only 25 hours a week.

Actually, I was excited to see pictures of Wieber from this competition — she has grown up a lot and looks great!

And I’m really liking Wieber on bars:

Note: more videos available from DutchFan33 on youtube here and from gymcat67 here.

Kamerin Moore, Wieber’s teammate at Geddert’s, took third to Yvette Moshage‘s second. I know nothing about Moshage, a young Dutch gymnast. I have heard, however, that Moore had three falls and still finished third, so that’s excellent news. She then took first on vault and second on floor.

Here is her vault, a very nice 1.5-twisting Yurchenko:

Other participants of note include Romania’s future star (hopefully) Larisa Iordache, who is 11, and her teammate, the excellent Diana Bulimar. Iordache finished a strong fourth, but over a point behind the podium, but then took first on floor. However, Bulimar sprained her ankle in warm-ups and had to withdraw … joining a number of her teammates on the injury list (including Gabriela Dragoi, Ceralesca Patrascu and Ana Porgras, who recently traveled with Daniela Druncea and Sandra Izbasa to the Milan Grand Prix so they could get second opinions from Italian doctors on their injuries, as reported here by Pro Sport).

Results available here.


1. Jordyn Wieber (59.80)
2. Yvette Moshage (55.90)
3. Kamerin Moore (55.15)


1. Kamerin Moore
2. Jocelyn Kraan
3. Sofiana Makantasi

Uneven bars:

1. Jordyn Wieber
2. Ida Gustafson


1. Jordyn Wieber
2. Larisa Iordache
3. Yvette Moshage


1. Larisa Iordache
2. Kamerin Moore
3. Jocelyn Kraan

7 Responses to "Top Gym results in: Jordyn Wieber wins, Kamerin Moore third"

Ug… sorry but I do not like Jordyn Wieber. She looks like she’s six.

I wonder if Ivana is still technically a junior?

Wow! Jordin reminds me a bit of Shawn Johnson as a Junior! Taking gold in all of the competitons she enters:) Amazing that she can do that. I wish Kamerin had a better day. She’s so adotable. And I heard that when Jordin was competing in the All Around at this competiton she was SICK! But, she still one! Wowsa!!!

Thank you for the speedy post of results! I’m confused as to why USA Gymnastics is so pokey to post results/updates of its rising stars…kind of a big deal (compared to the *snore* that is Pan-Ams)…but anyways!
–Since Ivana is a 1992 born, I think that is aged up into senior no matter what part of the year you were born in…

It still blows me away every time that this girl won’t be a senior until what? 2011?

Here’s hoping she doesn’t burn out or suffer the US Junior Champion curse.

I love Wieber. I also am reminded of Johnson. They have similar body types, gymnastics styles, etc. On the other hand, Wieber’s lines on bars have gotten tremendous, and while I personally really enjoy Johnson on bars, I think Wieber will have a better chance of scoring well internationally (cf Johnson’s score on bars from the Olys team finals). I still don’t much enjoy her floor, but then again Johnson’s floor in her early junior years was also pretty bad (mainly the music drove me crazy!). I like Wieber’s style on floor, it’s mainly the choreography and music I don’t like, which might be more of a Twistars thing, not sure what their style usually is …

Johnson had multiple mistakes on bars in Beijing, including bent arms on release catches (-0.3 each) and she didn’t get the clear hip 1/2 to vertical (lower DV and deduction for handstands)

so she basically lost a fall and then other tenths for amplitude on her dismount and sometimes a step. She could have legitimately scored around 9.4, she just never hit her set all the way

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