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No update on Anna Pavlova just now, but some news on Rebecca Bross, Deng Linlin, Beth Tweddle and Dariya Zgoba, who are all injured.

Rebecca Bross:

I have finally confirmed for myself the long-circulating rumor that Bross’s injury at the most recent training camp was not minor, as originally suggested, but actually a fairly serious injury that could have her out for all of next season. Also, as I understand it, it was not to the leg that has caused her trouble in the past, but was an acute trauma to her knee on her good leg. Too bad, especially since a lot of people were expecting a big senior debut at the American Cup.

ETA: I’ve since heard that the surgery was to remove a bone chip, but I can’t confirm that.

Deng Linlin:

Deng Linlin apparently had fairly serious surgery and will not be participating in any competitions for the rest of the year.

Beth Tweddle:

Tweddle recently had a shoulder operation according to British Gymnastics (see here), explaining her absence on the WCF roster.

Dariya Zgoba:

Slightly more interestingly, Zgoba had to scratch at the Glasgow Grand Prix and the DTB Cup because of an injury, and then was scheduled to have surgery. Either she had it in October and is sufficiently healed to participate in the WCF, or she has postponed it.

We can basically totally predict the competitors for the WCF at this point. Probably the biggest question mark remains vault. Here are the most recent lists from the FIG:


Cheng Fei
Elena Zamolodchikova
Jana Kormskova
Ariella Kaeslin
Dorina Boczogo
Hong Su Jong*
Aagje Vanwalleghem
Yong Mi Kang*

Unsurprisingly, we’re waiting on the North Koreans. Generally speaking, they don’t usually show up for World Cup events, but who knows what Leonid Arkayev has up his sleeve. Yong Mi Kang is definitely in competitive condition, as I have already mentioned — she recently won vault at the 2008 Asian Games. However, Hong Un Jong has already declined, so we might want to count these two out. This is the prediction about which I’m least confident. Marissa King (19th) is up next, followed by Elsa Garcia (20th). If not them, we would move on to Maria Kostyuchenko (21st) and Kim Bui (22nd). Kostyuchenko was at the Slovenian World Cup in April, but I have no idea where she is now. Bui is clearly ready, but I guess I would predict King and Garcia at this point .

Uneven bars:

Dariya Zgoba
He Kexin
Jana Sikulova
Yang Yilin
Anastasia Koval
Jiang Yuyuan
Koko Tsurumi*
Daria Joura*

I’m pretty confident that Koko Tsurumi will compete, and that Daria Joura will not. This leaves one more place. That would go to … Daniele Hypolito (20th), who is already going to Madrid, so we can count this one settled hopefully.


Cheng Fei
Sandra Izbasa
Li Shanshan
Yulia Lozhecko
Daniele Hypolito
Lauren Mitchel
Dariya Zgoba
Chellsie Memmel*

There is no way Chellsie Memmel is showing up to the WCF that I can conceive of, so let’s count her out. That moves Alina Kozich (21st) up, and as she will already be in Spain, she looks to be it.


Cheng Fei
Sandra Izbasa
Jiang Yuyuan
Alina Kozich
Suzanne Harmes
Daniele Hypolito
Elena Zamolodchikova
Deng Linlin*
Naomi Ruiz (Spain’s nominee)

Deng Lilin is reportedly fairly seriously injured, so her participation is unlikely. We can almost definitely skip over Jana Bieger and can definitely skip Cassy Vericel, Steliana Nistor and Oksana Chusovitina for injury and retirement, which moves up Koko Tsurumi (23rd) to the next place, as I’ve mentioned before. I would peg her as a likely participant.

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