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The 2009 Code of Points: video guides by MostepanovaFan

Posted on: December 5, 2008

MostepanovaFan on youtube has posted a great series of video guides to the 2009 Code of Points for beam and bars. A great visual tool for us all as we wind down our time with the 2005-2008 CoP and move on to the 2009 version. Speculation is that the Australian Youth Olympic Festival may be the first major competition to use the CoP in the new year ….

ETA: MostepanovaFan told me that there will be more videos to come — including some stuff on floor and vault! I’ll add them here when they’re up.

Uneven bars:




Acrobatic elements:


MostepanovaFan also has a series of montages of E+ difficulty skills, which you can find on her youtube page here.


3 Responses to "The 2009 Code of Points: video guides by MostepanovaFan"

i love these so much.

I’ve been enjoying those so much. Especially since I have thusfar been too lazy to really sit down with the 2009 code.

They are great references. Hope she does entire code, MAG too.

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