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Rumor: Hong to train at WOGA in 2009

Posted on: December 7, 2008

Rumor has it that after all the drama of the past months, and suggestions of transfers to AOGC and Chow’s, it appears that Ivana Hong has finally made her choice …

… and it is WOGA, training in Valeri Liukin’s group with Nastia Liukin and Rebecca Bross.

Honestly, I’m somewhat disappointed by the choice. Putting family and gymnastics politics aside (I’m sure that will be discussed elsewhere), I think that WOGA doesn’t complement Hong’s current strengths nearly as well as Chow’s, my first choice for Hong.

Ivana Hong

Ivana Hong

Firstly, I think it might have been useful to train in a gym in which elites train in a larger group — Shawn Johnson currently trains will all of the optional-level athletes. Hong is known as the consummate perfectionist, and I think it might have revived her love for the sport and muted the perfectionism a bit to be in a larger group with other gymnasts. There’s nothing like a little perspective.

Second, it is widely known that Johnson trains minimal hours a week for an elite gymnast — only 24 hours, compared to many other gymnasts’ tallies approaching 40. Again, perhaps a more “normal” schedule would have been good.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I think that Chow’s gymnastics style would have suited Hong. She is already known for her grace, elegance and lines. She lacks power and, in some cases, really big skills. Naturally, WOGA will be a great place for Hong to improve her bars routine, which has been a sticking point for her despite the previously mentioned clean lines and good form. But overall I would have liked to see Hong’s assets complemented by the power and difficulty of a Johnson-type style. It would be like taking Johnson and handing her over to WOGA for a bit more focus on flexibility and bars.

Anyway, naturally, we all wish Hong the best at WOGA. I certainly hope it will get her out of the funk she’s been in. You’ll recall that at the 2007 Nationals she was pegged as one of the next big things, and I don’t think that was a totally unrealistic prediction. Her gymnastics is absolutely gorgeous, and she clearly has the work ethic to achieve something big. I hope to see her back in competition at 2009 Nationals!

10 Responses to "Rumor: Hong to train at WOGA in 2009"

I agree. I think Chow’s would be much better for her. I’m afraid that if she goes to WOGA, she’ll lose some of that form because it seems to me they don’t care as much about that as they do tricks.

WOGA cares about tricks more than form? no thats CHOWS. I think Hong will do fine at WOGA and i wish her the best. im just glad she found somewhere to train.

Huh!? Why WOGA!? I thought she should have gone to All Olympia to train with Maddie Larson. It suites her! But, we will just have to wait and see how it goes…

Yeah, itsallaboutme, I agree that WOGA certainly does not prefer tricks to form. Obviously form is one of their strengths. I do agree with Katrina though that I would have loved to see Hong at Chow’s, though I don’t know if that would have gone well. Chow’s was my first pick for her, at least technically, but actually I think AOGC could have been great too. I still don’t understand the WOGA pick. But I’m also glad she is going to resume training.

I am a gymnast, and my coach is actually good friends with Al Fong. I dont know why she is leaving, but now GAGE sumer camp is going to be extremely BORING! Last year at camp we were all super excited because we were watching an olympian train!!! Now, well…

PS its Mattie Larson, not Maddie Larson…:P

I completely agree with itsallaboutme I hope her training at WOGA is awesome and chow’s is the one that throws the tricks! look at Shawn !!!!! WOGA is the one that cares about form look at Nastia , there is a reason she got first in the OLYMPICS. I mean come on you can’t win the olympicswith bad form.P.S Thats a no brainer!

I used to go to school with ivana and I completely understand whyshe is leaving gage. Al fong is a complete jerk. I also think all Olympia, woga, and chows would have been great choices for her. I hope she does great at woga

I’m really glad to know that she’s at WOGA. I just hope she keeps her style and gets more power and technique on the uneven bars!
I really want to see her at the 2009 US team, it would be perfect: Nastia , Bridget and Ivana!

I do not believe Chow’s would have been good for Ivana at all. I may be a bit misguided, but I train at WOGA, and Ivana’s style fits perfectly with how the coaches here train. She is graceful and a beautiful dancer – and WOGA deals a lot with dance technique. I most certainly disagree that WOGA does not work on form. Lets talk about the last 2 AA winners in Artistic Gymnastics in the Olympics – Carly and Nast, both from WOGA. Sloppy form doesn’t win in the Olympics. Sorry. That’s almost a stupid comment to make. Ivana is not into the big tricks – Al worked with her to be a beautiful gymnast – while she obviously didn’t get on well there, she fits well at WOGA.

ok obviously neither Chows nor WOGA only focuses on tricks because if they did their girls would suck horribly and neither one would get girls to the Olympics, let alone medal. Shawn and Nastia were both fantastic gymnasts. And not to mention Shawn beat Nastia a few times, so i dont think anyone has the right to say she just threw tricks. Some of you need to get your facts straight. If these gyms didnt work on form, you wouldnt even have heard of them that much.

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