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Beth Tweddle video: it’s on for Euros 2009!

Posted on: December 8, 2008

British Gymnastics at some point posted this interview with Beth Tweddle. There’s no date, but it seems pretty recent.

Beth Tweddle for 2012?

Beth Tweddle for 2012?

Anyway, a few notes:

  • She’s back in training at Liverpool, with Jennifer Pinches and Hannah Whelan
  • She’s definitely planning for Euros 2009
  • She will specialize only on vault uneven bars and floor
  • She’s looking forward to competing in London 2009 (Worlds)
  • She is hoping for 2012: “There’s a slight bit of “Yes” coming out now”

4 Responses to "Beth Tweddle video: it’s on for Euros 2009!"

wait wait wait.

no bars?!??!!!

Why isn’t she specializing on bars?

Um, yeah, that was a mistake. Oops. I meant bars and floor. I was actually surprised by floor.


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