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NL makes Yahoo!’s worst-dressed list

Posted on: December 13, 2008

I don’t remember exactly when it was than I last discussed this shirt of Nastia Liukin’s, but did I mention I dislike it?

Liukin at a Vanilla Star shindig

Liukin at a Vanilla Star shindig

Although she is gorgeous in recently-printed WWD photos, I’ve got to say that her Vanilla Star collection is not to my taste. And apparently Yahoo! doesn’t appreciate it either: she made their OMG! What Were They Thinking? list. I’d like to thank Yahoo! for confirming my judgment of this outfit.

I don’t understand what this shirt is supposed to communicate. Love eating peace? Love eating peace, the bitter taste of which is masked by rose? I don’ t know.

It certainly is in the vein of Shawn Johnson’s peace-obsessed product line for GK, which is literally called “Peace, Love, Shawn Johnson” (see my post here). Ironically, one of Liukin’s t-shirts designed for VS reads “Peace, Love, Us.” We know they’re besties; is this some kind of peace-love conspiracy?

To be clear, I understand that I, a 26-year-old New Yorker, am not exactly the target audience. Still, I reserve the right to comment.

6 Responses to "NL makes Yahoo!’s worst-dressed list"

need a boy friend?

I don’t care for it either, however, I’m also not in Vanilla Star’s demographic. I see a lot of high schoolers dressed like that, though, so I hope she does well with it.
By the way, the one shirt you mentioned says Peace, Love, VS. Not Peace, Love, Us. The VS obviously stands for Vanilla Star.

Ha, yes, VS does make more sense. I mean, to the extent that any of the shirt makes sense.

She looks horrible. That is one ugly outfit

I think I am falling in love with your personality. I hope you are pretty too.

TCO, you sure do know how to charm a woman.

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