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UPDATED: 100th post: Upset for junior Coralie Leblond-Chartrand at Elite Canada

Posted on: December 14, 2008

Coralie Leblond-Chartrand was the surprise winner in the junior all-around at Elite Canada this weekend, at least, according to Gymnastics Canada.

Leblond-Chartrand was actually one of the “Honorable Mention” winners in my Up-and-Coming Juniors series, and with Dominique Pegg and Ti Liu competing with seniors now, it should come as no surprise that Leblond-Chartrand is now one of the best juniors in Canada.

Leblond-Chartrand placed fifth during the 2008 Canadian Championships last summer. During that meet, Pegg was first and Liu third. Anysia Unick placed second, which at that time was surprising since she was otherwise relatively unknown. Leblond-Chartrand was also bested in June by Caitlyn Keates.

Not today. At 53.30 points, Leblond-Chartrand was well ahead of second-place Madeline Gardiner, the 2008 Championships novice champion, and Rochelle Hurt. She had the best score on vault, the second-highest score on beam, and the third-highest scores on bars and floor. I should mention, too, that this is excellent news for Gardiner, who is coming off an impressive novice showing in June, and has shown herself more than ready to be among the junior international elites.

Unick finished a disappointing tenth, while Keates also had a disappointing day, finishing sixth.

Full results are available here.


1. Coralie Leblond-Chartrand (53.30)
2. Madeline Gardiner (51.90)
3. Rochelle Hurt (51.40)
4. Mikaela Gerber (50.95)
5. Jimena Lopez (50.65)
6. Caitlyn Keates (50.60)
7. Dominique Nadeau (50.30)
8. Taylor Ricci/Jessica Dowling (49.10)
10. Anysia Unick (49.00)

2 Responses to "UPDATED: 100th post: Upset for junior Coralie Leblond-Chartrand at Elite Canada"

Hi Jess,

According to my calculations you should be back in the US of A by now. I hope you had a good time in Morocco. I spent a few weeks there myself a few years ago and loved it, despite the pushy men and the rather nasty case of food poisoning I got in Marrakesh. I can’t wait to go back there some day, if only because I lost all my photos and I hate not having any photos of such an insanely photogenic place!

I was wondering if you’d had time to think about your future in gymnastics blogging, and more particularly whether you could be persuaded to join Triple Full in any capacity. As you may have noticed, we’re on hiatus ourselves at the moment, while we try to figure out what to do with the blog – whether to let all contributors post under their own names and answer their own comments or ro keep things centralized, whether to go on posting meet reports (which, as you know, are a massive time drain) or to focus on news articles and interviews only, questions like that. It’s a challenging time, but one thing is certain: if we do go on (and it looks like we will), we’d love to have you on our team, if you could be persuaded to join us. You’d be a tremendous asset, whatever aspect of the sport you’d choose to focus on. Shoot me an e-mail at mightymihaela at gmail dot com if you’re at all interested. If you’d rather keep your own blog, I will of course fully understand and wish you all the best getting back into the swing of things. You were on to something good here, and it’s worth preserving!

[…] top three is not shocking if you recall the results of Elite Canada 2008, where Leblond-Chartrand pulled off a (then considered an upset) first place, […]

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