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UPDATED: Finally: Video of WCF from NBC Universal Sports!!!

Posted on: December 15, 2008

I’ve been checking this rather compulsively, and video is finally up. All four events!

This is coverage from NBC Universal Sports:

And check this: apparently, Al, Tim and Elfie don’t have a contract to cover Universal Sports events. Ah, silence is golden.

For those of you who watch men’s gymnastics too, I don’t understand, but here is the link to the main page so you can do that!

Penguin is uploading individual exercises to youtube here. The great NastiaFan is also uploading full events to megaupload. We’re set!

4 Responses to "UPDATED: Finally: Video of WCF from NBC Universal Sports!!!"

He Kexin… that was not a pretty routine. She has great release moves (always) and a clean dismount… but her kips are really bad. I think that a 7.5 execution score is justified…

I think 8.4 was an appropriate B score, and she got 8.55 so I think the final result is fair considering the code

“This program is not available in your area”


::sigh:: I am having trouble…it keeps going back to the stupid ad in the middle of Daniele’s bb routine.
However, in the bb vid, there is an adorable conversation between Baby Cheng and Lauren Mitchell.

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