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So at the World Cup Final, during beam, Cheng Fei and Lauren Mitchell had a brief attempt at conversation that was serendipitously captured by the live feed. Everyone’s talking about it.

The transcript goes something like this:

Cheng: Hey! Very good.
Mitchell: Oh! Thank you!
[they look around awkwardly]
Mitchell: [pointing toward the vault] Your vault, yesterday?
Cheng: Uhhh …
Mitchell: Your vault? [makes international hand gesture for vault] Yesterday. Was good. [gives thumbs up]
Cheng: Ah! [laughs]
Mitchell: [laughs]
Cheng: [all of a sudden, pointing to floor] You do floor?
Mitchell: No.
Cheng: [shrugs, goes back to winding up her tape]
Mitchell: Good luck for floor.


Andreea Acatrinei

Andreea Acatrinei

Olympian Andreea Acatrinei, who trains at Deva of course, was named athlete of the year for the province of Hunedoara. Ceralesca Patrascu, who won the award in 2006, came in second. See the Pro Sport article.

Steliana Nistor won the best athlete award for Sibiu this year. (Article in Pro Sport.)

Pro Sport has a nice profile of Sandra Izbasa‘s career in 2008, covering the European Championships and Olympics, among other things.

She says that her goal for 2009 is to win gold on floor in London at the 2009 World Championships. Of that, she says, “It will be hard, but not impossible.” She also says (unsurprisingly) that the Olympic gold medal is the best part of her career thus far.

The rest of the article emphasizes Izbasa’s excellent floor routine. (The article is entitled “The Sound of Music,” if I understand it correctly.)

Of her World Cup Final performance, Izbasa told Romanian TV station TVR this weekend: “I competed from memories, not from proper training!”

And, most importantly:

“I knew I wasn’t going to win after every pass! But it is important to know how lo lose with a smile on your face. I am not at all upset. I am Olympic Champion on floor for the next four years, and that’s important to me.”

You’ll recall that the gymnasts of St. Petersburg were recently in Dreux, before heading to the Tournoi d’Arques, for an exhibition.

youtube user PPLovesGym has posted a playlist of their performances! Very nice.

Some highlights:

  • Tatiana Nabieva’s bars. We weren’t able to see her at Arques because of her ankle injury, and she’s actually pretty low on her Gienger (and only does a layout dismount), but she has such nice lines!
  • An expressive floor routine from newcomer Olga Vilkova. Falls to hands on double pike mount and double tuck dismount. But still, our first look at her.
  • Ekaterina Kramarenko on floor! Her floor is often overlooked.

      And others from Olga Alekseeva, Diana Sapronova and Irina Sazonova.

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