The C Score (2.0)

Sweet Skill I: Full-twisting Shapashnikova

Posted on: December 19, 2008

This is very cool, and has inspired a new series: Sweet Skills, skills that are not (yet) in the Code of Points!

This is the kind of innovation we are really looking for in this sport. It’s not even a brand new skill, just a twist (ahem) on an old one. But it is cool, and different, and extremely well-performed.

I would much rather see a routine with a lower A-score and some innovative skills than a routine with a high A-score full of Stalder-pirouette combos. Yawn.

It is … a full twisting Shapashnikova.

Word has it that this is a Desert Devil, but no ID yet:


2 Responses to "Sweet Skill I: Full-twisting Shapashnikova"

Her feet came a part but she pointed her toes. Was straight on the handstand. Pretty good stuff. Anyone know who the gymnast is?

Very cool. I always ask what new skills may come out of the sport, and it’s nice to know there’s still innovation. Very very cool!

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