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I am leaving for a long trip in four days, and upon my return will be trying to finish my dissertation proposal while preparing to apply to medical school.

I was planning to continue The C Score anyway, and have a number of posts prepared for while I am gone, but I’ve been really disappointed in the way things have been going recently. I have worked extremely hard to provide timely coverage and accurate information, and I haven’t gotten the sense that people feel it is particularly useful. As a former journalist, I’ve been trying to myself to a high standard on this blog and to include analysis in most posts. I’ve tried to cite my sources and attribute things as much as possible, and to make sure I have my facts right. I just haven’t gotten the sense that the gymnastics Internet community necessarily values this particularly highly. (To be clear, what I’ve just said is not a comment on any other blogger. I’m just saying that I think that the type of news, or gossip, gymnastics fans are looking for may be more suited to message boards than blogs.) Which is fine, but is not the business I am in.

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this blog and I really loved the comments I got from readers. I had a great time.

As you likely all know, Triple Full has the best news coverage of non-American gymnastics. Coach Rick is by far the best aggregator. There are other blogs (see the sidebar), but few are updated regularly. Other sources of news are the forums, including WWGym.

I’m going to at least take a bit of a break. Back on January 16th. See you all around.

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