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Checking in: Congrats to Jordyn Wieber!

Posted on: February 21, 2009

Jordyn Wieber, 2009 SCAM Champion

Jordyn Wieber, 2009 SCAM Champion

Just watching the American Cup coverage, and decided to check in. This blog is officially (and unfortunately) on hiatus until I have defended my dissertation proposal and taken the MCAT … however, I have decided that I definitely will be back (with a bit of restructuring).

In fact, if you have any suggestions, please post them here.

ETA: May 3rd, 2009.

In the meantime, 100% heartfelt congratulations to Jordyn Wieber. We have not seen someone with this level of ability at such a young age in a very long time. I am pretty sure this makes her the youngest American Cup winner ever. This makes her the youngest winner since Tracee Talavera in 1980.

While I’m at it, I should say that I was a bit disappointed by Youna Dufournet‘s performance, but happy to see Amelia Racea holding her own (relatively speaking).

18 Responses to "Checking in: Congrats to Jordyn Wieber!"

Sorry, but I think it’s just ridiculous about Wieber. I mean she’s 13, can’t compete in senior level competition for 3 more years and why all this fawning? Who knows what will happen in those 3 years. Plus, I don’t know what Tim Daggett has been watching but she’s nothing like Shawn Johnson. If anything she’s more like Carly Patterson, not only in her face but also in the way she moves.

I missed it on TV, will anyone be posting this coverage on YouTube?

Glad your’re back!! Looking forward to hear more of your in May. Until then, best of luck on your dissertation proposal!!

Weiber’s tricks are a lot like Johnson’s. Weiber could easily grow or get injured in the next 3 years. Kudos to her for enjoying what she has now. She may not be able to tumble the same way at 17.

Kudos to Wieber. She should tumble what she has, when she has it. It’s a long way to 2012 and she might grow or be injured (in practice) before then.

She is like Johnson in her tricks.

Glad to see you back as well! I will be anxiously awaiting your return in May. As for suggestions, I really like your analytical opinions on gymnastics competitions, skills, and gymnasts. Triple Full does a great job of covering international news, but I also appreciate a well thought out, reasonably opionionated, educated and analytical post. I hope this helps!

actually Wieber will be eligible in 2 years (2011 worlds) and this performance has to rank with some of the most outstanding debuts in gymnastics history. AND perhaps it is the Amanar and the double double off bars that has her being compared to Johnson. In either case I am quite sure being compared to Johnson or Patterson is quite an honor.

She won and deserved it. GET OVER IT. What a way to welcome back the amazing web-mistress.

This blog is missed. Only fair blog known to man

So glad to see you back 🙂
I was disapointed for Dufournet as well, and it seems that in the coverage, her coach says to her “now it’s 10 falls a day or what !” Hard
Hope you’ll be able to continue this blog =)

Her coach said something to the effect of “that from now on she would do 10 a day”.. I can only assume he meant 10 full beam run throughs a day?

I felt sorry for her, to be yelled at on TV and the mic on him for all to hear him berate her (for those of us who understand French it was not nice!).

yeah Dufournet had a rough day, but I can’t help but not be a fan of hers because of her form! its just not up to the standards of the rest of her gymnastics. luckily she’s ajunior and has some time to work on it, because (with respect) no one needs another four years of steliana nistor’s unpointed toes and leg separations. i hope Dufournet can be better than that, especially because her variety is nice.

I’m sorry, but she’s a total robot, just tricks, no artistry =/
US team needs grace and beauty, no more robots!

I’ll be anxiously waiting until April. Good luck!

no more effette twink princesses.

Miss your blog! You and triple full were the best!

I hope you had a great break, did well on the MCAT’s, and got your dissertation proposal all in order.

And I hope you’re picking up your blog again soon. We all miss you!

Not to be prodding but any word on a potential comeback? We would all love to have you back!

Nice to see you back!!! The gymn blogosphere is really hurting these days – nice to get some good news.

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