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Shall I come back?

Posted on: January 28, 2010

I’ve been hiding out here in the wings for a while, trying to focus on getting into medical school … now that that’s accomplished (still waiting to hear from some schools though), I’m thinking of returning. My plans are to make the blog a little different though.

First, toward the end of my blogging, I got really caught up in reporting “news,” but I just don’t have the time to be on top of all the breaking stories. My new plan is to focus on opinion, especially from the point of view of a former ballet dancer. Second, I’m hoping to get some interviews going again — that’s more “content” than reporting news already reported elsewhere!

If anyone’s still out there, let me know what you think!


8 Responses to "Shall I come back?"

Yes, please do come back!

I’m still here. Opinion over news sounds good, especially if you’ll be strapped for time.

I still have your blog in my favorites and was hoping I’d have the chance to click on it some more. I really like opinions and I’ve always appreciated the depth that you put out there in your opinions.

Welcome back!

Yes, come back! I’ve been periodically checking your blog for updates ever since you went on hiatus! It’s hard to find gymnastics blogs out there that are well-written and have a point of view. We need you!

I’d like to see you make a “comeback” we are still out there, good luck on getting into a good school 🙂

I’d love to hear from you again! I still have your blog bookmarked with the hope you’ll return. I enjoy reading your opinion so I’d be delighted to hear from you again!

jess jess…

I just recently found your site and I love what you have here! I’d definitely be around if you keep it up!

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