The C Score (2.0)


The C Score:

Welcome to The C Score. I am a gymnastics fan. I have opinions.

Please use this page to leave any general comments about my blog. And if you have a blog or link you’d like added here, just drop me a comment. Hope to hear from you soon!

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I’m writing to you because I run a site that links to other gymnastics sites called Links to Gymnastics ( The goal of my site is to make it easier for gymnastics fans to find gymnastics sites.

I found your blog when I was searching the web for gymnastics and wanted to ask you if you’d like a link to your site from Links to Gymnastics.

Either way I wish you all the best!

Sorry for having to use a comment to send the message along. (Feel free to delete it) but I did not know any other way to send the message.

If you’ve gotten a message like this I apologize for the duplication. The internet is a pretty big place and hard to keep track of sometimes.

David F.P.
davegymnastics at

Hey, what about having your blog translated into Italian? I’d do it for free of course 🙂 I am an Italian traslator who did gymnastics for ten years.

Contact me for further info

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About The C Score

First there was A score and B score, now D score and E score. Where is the C score? Right here. In the form of my random thoughts about women's artistic gymnastics.


August 2020
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