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British Gymnastics at some point posted this interview with Beth Tweddle. There’s no date, but it seems pretty recent.

Beth Tweddle for 2012?

Beth Tweddle for 2012?

Anyway, a few notes:

  • She’s back in training at Liverpool, with Jennifer Pinches and Hannah Whelan
  • She’s definitely planning for Euros 2009
  • She will specialize only on vault uneven bars and floor
  • She’s looking forward to competing in London 2009 (Worlds)
  • She is hoping for 2012: “There’s a slight bit of “Yes” coming out now”

Beth Tweddle, 2006 Worlds bar champion and the best gymnast to ever come out of Great Britain, has said that she may not retire after all. Before Beijing she was set to retire at 23 after Worlds in London next year. Now she’s saying that finishing fourth is “the worst place to finish” (I would have to agree!) and:

I am at the top of my game at the moment and it is not impossible to go on into my late 20s or even 30s with gymnastics if I stay fit.

She also said, though, that she was officially retired from the all-around, so she would go to London (in 2009 and 2012) as a specialist.

I never thought Tweddle’s bars were that beautiful, she’s certainly no Liukin, and she doesn’t rival the Chinese or Liukin on artistry. But her combination is really amazing, and she does a Shaposhnikova that’s among the best in the business (almost no one keeps her legs together on that thing). And actually she can be graceful on certain skills, including her Pak. I’d be happy to see her continue to 2012.

Here’s a video of Tweddle’s gold-medal performance in Aarhus.

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