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While some less-experienced seniors and juniors were off at the Massilia Cup, a number of big players — notably He Kexin, Sandra Izbasa, Lia Parolari and Daniela Druncea — were in Milan for the gymnastics Grand Prix.

From what I’ve heard, He won bars with a massive score (a 17.000 over Lia Parolari’s 14.700), Izbasa won floor, and Parolari won beam. Supposedly the younger Italian gymnasts Serena Lichetta and Andrea La Spada were also present.

There are no official results anywhere, so I’d rather wait to post those, but for now here’s He’s bars. It’s full difficulty. I think it’s better than Beijing, but not as good as Doha. The first Jaeger in her Li Ya combination is molto dynamic , and she sticks the landing (it looks stuck but it’s not from the replay). Still a bit problematic on the low-to-high transition though:

Given the scores, it appears Izbasa may have had a fall on beam (she had a 6.4 start value). She competed floor with a 5.8 start value. Parolari’s start value on floor was, for whatever reason, a 4.9.

He and Izbasa got the only B-scores in the 9’s, on their winning routines.

There are more videos from naomival85 and monagym.

I was glad to hear Druncea is back in competition. For whatever reason, I enjoy her. From youtube, though, it seems that she still has that terrible FX routine. Here she is on bars:

Daniela (Dana) Druncea at the Milan Grand Prix

Daniela (Dana) Druncea at the Milan Grand Prix

All results available here.


1. He Kexin (17.000)
2. Lia Parolari (14.700)
3. Serena Licchetta (14.300)
4. Andrea La Spada (14.100)
5. Daniela Druncea (12.650)


1. Lia Parolari (14.850)
2. Sandra Izbasa (14.650)
3. Andrea La Spada (14.400)
4. Daniela Druncea (14.150)
5. Serena Licchetta (13.750)


1. Sandra Izbasa (14.850)
2. Daniela Druncea (14.000)
3. Serena Licchetta (13.750)
4. Lia Parolari (13.600)
5. Andrea La Spada (13.550)

With the Olympics over, it’s time for the gymnasts who competed in the Olympics to think about retirement or not (or have it thought about for them by their governments).  Here are some people I hope will decide to stick around:

Jade Barbosa
Barbosa is amazing — powerful and controlled, like Shawn Johnson (and unlike some other powerful athletes who can’t always rein it in, maybe Alicia Sacramone would be a good example, or Tasha Schwikert from back in the day).  Barbosa placed an amazing third in the 2007 World Championships.  She is great to watch on every event (except maybe bars).  She and Johnson actually have a lot in common.

Daniela Druncea
Not really sure why.  She didn’t make the Olympic team.  Her floor at Worlds in 2007 was atrocious.  I guess I’d like to see if she can improve her artistry.

Ivana Hong
She didn’t make it to Beijing, but this girl has crazy potential.  For some reason the judges didn’t really appreciate her bars at 2007 Worlds, but I thought her artistry and creativity (remember the crazy German-giant-to-reverse-Hecht?)  I’d like to see her get some scores over 15 on the international level.

Jiang Yuyuan
The Chinese gymnast who looked like anything but a robot.  Her floor was the most charismatic of the games.  Her choice of music was excellent, and she just totally shined on that event, particularly in the team finals.  I want to see more of that, especially from China!

Shawn Johnson
If anyone can pull off a healthy trip to the 2012 Olympics, it’s Johnson.  She practices less than other elites (her talent clearly makes up for that) and has consequently suffered way less wear-and-tear.  For me, Johnson will always be a better *gymnast* than Liukin.  As much as Liukin is graceful, Johnson is powerful and an amazing tumbler, with perfect form anyway.  (Not to get too much into this debate, but I think Liukin has way more form problems than people admit.)  I think Liukin probably wanted the gold more, if you can even say that, but I think Johnson deserves one just as much.  Hopefully she’ll get it then.

Xiao Sha
Didn’t make the Chinese team for being inconsistent in practice.  But she was great at 2007 Worlds and in Cottbus.  Hopefully we’ll see more of her!

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