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In the midst of a small scandal brewing about allegations of abuse in Romania (that have finally leaked to the American press via an AP story that was picked up by, among others, the New York Times), Bela Karolyi has announced that he is running for foreign senate representative in Romania.

The office would have him serving Romanians living abroad in the Americas, Australia and Africa. He would be running on the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania ticket. Karolyi is one of many Romanians of ethnic Hungarian origin.

At the same time, Karolyi is basically ignoring calls to comment on the scandal. There have been plenty of allegations in the past, from everyone from Aurelia Dobre to Dominique Moceanu, but the American media seem to be showing slightly more interest this time. The only new factoid coming out of the article reporting on his senate run is that he apparently called Emilia Eberle at Geza Pozsar’s gym to threaten her about speaking to the media.

This stuff has been floating around the Internet for a long time. There used to be a Web site summarizing all of the allegations that had been made over the years, but I can’t find it right now. I’ll update if I can. For now, Triple Full has a good summary of some of the more recent allegations, from about 2007 on.

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