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Inside Gymnastics is conducting a poll about 2008 as a gymnastics year.

Includes everything from obvious ones (favorite male, favorite female gymnasts) to “Most inspiring Olympic moment (non-gold medalist)” to whether you like the new Code of Points. Even has some questions about NCAA gymnastics.

Inside Gymnastics has been really weak lately (actually it’s easy to see the growing obsolescence of print media even with IG — no one probably really gets news from them anymore, though their features can be good), especially in online presence, but this is a nice trick.

I already completed mine, so especially if you’re trying to engage in some vote-canceling, go there now!

Incidentally, I picked none other than Nastia Liukin for “Most stylish American female gymnast” (Vanilla Star designs notwithstanding, ahem). I suppose I shouldn’t divulge the rest … I have a right to a secret ballot here in these United States. Or so I’ve been told.

Inside Gymnastics, an American gymnastics magazine (whose online coverage has been extremely intermittent and generally disappointing lately) will launch a radio program this Thursday, November 20th at 5 p.m. EST.

According to this notice, the program will be hosted by John Roethlisberger and will feature Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin and Shannon Miller.

The first broadcast will stream live on

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