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From Blythe, Level-10 Kayla Williams. I don’t usually post about non-elite gymnasts, but this floor routine really took my breath away.

Opening pass is a double layout, followed by a double pike. Plus a triple full as a side pass …. It is rare to see these skills performed so high and landing so upright. I was honestly amazed.

According to the sources, Williams has received an invitation to the Karolyi Ranch and is planning to go elite this summer. But she seems to be expressing interest in college gymnastics.

The floor routine has a bit of a Shawn-Johnsonesque dance component (that is, somewhat choppy and choreographically lacking), but without Johnson’s spunk, or at least the spunk she had with her old floor routine if not as much with the one performed at the Olympics.

Update: In the cited newspaper article, Williams reports that Marta Karolyi said:

“She said she’d like to see improvements on my flexibility and my artistry on floor [exercise]. She wants me to show off a little more on my dance, but other than that she said that I had really big skills and she’s excited to see what would happen if my flexibility gets better. I’m at home in splits [and] I’m [at the gym] in splits. I’m just trying to get more flexible.”

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