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As promised, here is a good database of some older abuse allegations, from a Web site (that I think is no longer updated) that has been trying to get the abuse investigated by the FIG, IOC and the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. The allegations are from articles in such periodicals such as Pro Sport going back to the early 2000’s.

There are interviews with: Lavinia Agache, Simona Amanar, Alexandra Barac, Sabina Cojocar, Florin Gheorghe, Adriana Giurca, Rodica Dunca, Alexandra Marinescu, Florenta Oancea. Oana Petrovschi, Claudia Presecan, Andreea Raducan, Melita Ruhn, Daniela Silivas, Mihaela Stanulet, Siliva Stroescu, Ecaterina Szabo, Andreea Ulmeanu, and Corina Ungureanu. There’s also at least one interview with Mariana Bitang.

Anyway, point is, this is not new. The only new part is anyone in America paying attention.